One Hundred Things About Me

I hear blogger's have to post one hundred things about themselves for their one hundredth post. And we are all about tradition here at Mrs. Spit.

We are also all about Mrs. Spit.

Here goes:

  1. I'm still not quite thirty, but I round up. All my life I wanted to be older than I was. My birthday is on September 27.
  2. Mr. Spit is 6 and a bit years older than me. His birthday is October 23 , erm, no the 21st. Yes, that's it.
  3. I'll always be the much younger wife.
  4. I flunked recess in school. I didn't like playing with the other kids. It may have been explained by numbers 1 and 5.

  5. I participated in my first political campaign when I was 5. It was for this guy.

  6. I might still support him.

  7. I participated in my last political campaign 3 months ago. I wrote a bit about seeing those MLA's being sworn in.

  8. Speaking of politicians, my biggest hero's are the Famous Five.

  9. I also like Hilary Clinton. I'm not sure I'd vote for her, though.

  10. I've had animals all my life. Except for a period where I had fish. They kept dying. We stopped naming them, and only gave them numbers. We stopped with the numbers when 51 and 52 bit the dust.

  11. I've had a lot of cats. Mostly black. And a three legged Sheltie named Mac.

  12. I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. Currently we have Maggie and Delta.

  13. I wanted a cat so that I could have someone to cuddle up to me when I read.

  14. This isn't working. Maximus is not cuddly.

  15. But I do read, a lot.

  16. I mostly read mysteries. I particularly like the old school ones, PD James, Agatha Christie, Patricia Sprinkle. But sometimes I read JD Robb's "In Death" series as a guilty pleasure. I also really adore Ellis Peter's Brother Cadfael series.

  17. And in trying to find more of those, I stumbled upon Elizabeth Peters, who wrote both the Vicky Bliss and the Amelia Peabody series. They are really good.
  18. I also like a bit of Science Fiction.
  19. Speaking of Science Fiction, I didn't see Star Wars, Star Trek, James Boned, Indiana Jones or Monty Python until I was 18.
  20. I was spell bound when I finally did see them.

  21. Every year for my birthday I give myself a gift - I try to teach myself a life skill. This year, I decided to work on saying "enough".

  22. I'm still working on letting go of things that upset me (28) and being kind to myself (27).

  23. I like to knit. All sorts of things. Except anything with interstarsia. I'm not good at that.

  24. I also hate knitting scarves. I just find them so boring. . .

  25. I do a bit of sewing. But mostly baby clothes.
  26. I'm going to sew curtains for the dinning room.

  27. When it's finally done.

  28. I planned to be a powerful executive when I finished university.

  29. I also thought I'd marry the man I was dating at the time.

  30. Strangely, I'm not at all powerful.

  31. And the man I was dating at the time was a small town Saskatchewan boy who thought that I was crazy for wanting to move to Montreal, since McGill gave me a scholarship.

  32. He's teaching in Qatar now.

  33. I never did go to Montreal.

  34. Mr. Spit made me throw out the letter from McGill just a few years ago. I would occasionally take it out and beat myself over the head. This is just one of the reasons I married him.

  35. Mr. Spit and I have been married for 7 years.

  36. But we've known each other all our lives.

  37. I used to call his Dad "uncle".

  38. But it's not what you think, we aren't from Arkansas.

  39. Our parents were best friends, and I wasn't allowed to call adults by their first names. Hence, Uncle Otto.

  40. I call him Dad now.

  41. And I still don't like it when children call me by my first name. I tend to correct them. I'm ok with Mrs. "insert my first name here".

  42. I also think that people should write thank you cards.
  43. I think it's rude not to say thank you.

  44. I think we should all work on being polite to each other. It makes the world a slightly happier place to be.
  45. On the importance of politeness, my mother wore black to my wedding, refused to come in until after I did, and then sat at the back of the church and wailed. She got so loud at one point that I couldn't hear Mr. Spit recite is vows.
  46. We got married a second time, 6 months later. This time we gave my mother every single thing she wanted. She was quiet then.

  47. I think good grammar is important.

  48. And people should be able to tell the difference between it's and its.

  49. You could remember it, by remembering the Bob the Angry Flower cartoon that says: "It's its, dammit."

  50. But I sometimes make apostrophe mistakes.

  51. And I tend to use too many comma's.

  52. I'm half way through this list, and I'm running out of things about me. Yes, I do have a "real name". In fact, legally I have five of them. No, I'm not going to tell you.

  53. Ok, one of them - one of my middle names is Elizabeth. I chose it at my confirmation.

  54. My favourite food is Mexican.

  55. Which you can't get much of in Edmonton.

  56. If you have a really good salsa recipe, with cilantro and lime juice, would you send it to me?
  57. I also like Thai and Indian and Greek and Italian. Not thrilled with french. (Except tourtiere at Christmas).

  58. I also like risotto. I make really good risotto. But I can't cook rice.

  59. And I love it when Mr. Spit BBQ's steak. He's really good at it.

  60. Mr. Spit likes chocolate more than I do.

  61. I am actually a really good cook.

  62. And a not bad baker.

  63. But I suck at math.

  64. I was in my second calculus class before I realized that you actually can't divide by zero.

  65. I still don't quite understand why.

  66. But I'm willing to believe you. You don't have to explain why.

  67. Mr. Spit has tried. Several times.

  68. I'm also not good at depth perception.

  69. But I can still parallel park.

  70. I blame this on being stereoscopically blind.

  71. I can't keep a tune in a bucket.

  72. I discovered this when I went to a boarding school for high school.

  73. I became a Christian at boarding school. I've been an Anglican all my life.
  74. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, the Bible is the word of God and salvation is the only way to heaven. And I think that you don't have to believe that. We can agree to disagree.

  75. I'm fairly conservative in my own life, but I don't believe that I have the right to compel others to have the same moral standards as I do. I can't fathom why anyone would want to legislate Christian morality. Why don't you just save time, cut to the chase and legislate that everyone be a Christian?

  76. I'm ardently patriotic, in a polite sort of Canadian way.

  77. I also have a Canadian sense of humour, very dry.

  78. I like puns.

  79. Mr. Spit and I have been known to spend an entire evening carrying on a pun.

  80. We also have a lot of inside jokes.

  81. They always make us smile.

  82. And they confuse other people.

  83. I have an irreverent sense of humour, and it used to get me in trouble when I was a child.

  84. I got into trouble a lot as a child.

  85. Mr. Spit was really well behaved, so when we compare childhoods, I think he hopes our kids are like him.

  86. But we are both the kinds of parents to let them get dirty and play outside.

  87. I'm not a naturally neat and tidy person. An ex-boyfriend once told me that I needed to be rich enough to pay someone to follow me around and pick up things I misplaced.

  88. I love gardening - it's a grown up excuse to play in dirt.

  89. And, in spite of the fact I write a column about it, I'm not the world's greatest gardener.

  90. But I try really hard.

  91. I like to sit in my back yard or on my front porch and drink coffee.

  92. Who am I kidding, I like to drink coffee anywhere.

  93. But only good coffee. Freshly ground, made very strong.

  94. I can't stand pop, it makes my mouth feel funny.

  95. But I love lattes. Mr. Spit doesn't drink any caffeine.

  96. I'm not sure why, but he's still standing.

  97. He's even really good at renovating.

  98. We are gutting a 1911 house. As we live in it.

  99. We weren't supposed to have any home reno projects this year.

  100. But I think we will probably find something that needs to be done.

Unlike this list, home reno's never end.

And a bonus:

101. I technically shouldn't be Mrs. Spit, because I didn't take Mr. Spit's last name when we were married. I should be something like Madame Promenade.