It's all going to end in tears, darn it. . .

I have five, errm, no six,

oh yeah,


actually 7 knitting projects on the go.

(no, I'm not going to talk about that one, it's been banished to the hall closet for "being bad". )

And what am I doing? Well, I'm sitting at my kitchen table amidst piles of debris.

I'm eating cheesecake ice cream. out of the pint size bucket. (why yes, it does taste as good as you are imagining). i just woke up from a nap. i might go look at the garden in a bit.

and some of these knitting projects?

Well, they have due dates attached to them.

it's all going to end in tears I tell you.

At least I'm not drinking on my front porch.

(with many thanks to those of you who offered physical persuasion and alcohol and told me the hiring manager was stupid or silly, or just plain said they were sorry. it's hard to get friends like that, i'm telling you. i'm just really touched. Sniff)

No honestly, I really, really am.