Whatcha doin'?

He was peering around the corner from me. I was trying to choke down this just awful orange glucose drink for my 10 hour Glucose Tolerance Test. I don't like pop, and I really don't like orange crush. (I wound up plugging my nose and tipping it back)

I think he was about 3. Very cute. Very curly air. Very active. Mum sure looked tired.

"I'm knitting" said I.

I'm also trying to figure out what to write on the blog, and noting that by in large my writing style is always the same, and wondering if my readers are getting bored.

So, what am I going to write about. I know, why don't I show you pictures of what I'm knitting. Which some of you will find interesting, and it will bore the pants off you. (Hey, can we get Rob Lowe to read? Pretty Please? Huh, Huh? Ok, moving on. But remind me to tell you the Rob Lowe story. It's a good one.)


Pictures. For knitters, this is, well, yarn pr.on. Honest.

Ok, so these are baby boots (debbie bliss if you are interested.) They are for my niece. I started knitting for her 2 years ago. She has had 3 pregnancies end in very early miscarriages. They rest of the layette set (blanket, sweater, hat) is all done. Boots just need to be sewn up.

Ok, and this one is the first Cara baby sweater. It actually has a deadline. (Baby is due in the middle of June?) It's knit out of cashmere, and I just need to finish the hood and sew it up. I don't like sewing things up.

It's the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl - she knit it for a very special baby too. I'm making just a few modifications. Bit of a deadline, but mum's only in the second trimester, so we are ok.
No, I'm not telling who it's for. But if you email me, I might be willing to tell you, unless it's for you, then I'm going to lie.

So, I'm still on with the baby sweaters. This is for a friend that is adopting. She's one year into the process (open adoption) so I have some time.

Yeah, these puppies. At least we are off baby sweaters. These are Mr. Spit's Christmas socks. Yep,Christmas 2007. Let's move on, shall we.

Oh, look, Anna's socks. Let's not talk about them either. Umm, they have a heel now.

Hey, it's a sweater. For a grown up. Yep, this is Mr. Spit's. I told him it might be done by next winter. No big rush. But ladies, I'm telling you, Mr. Spit has broad shoulders. I mean it . . .

Here's a bit more detail

Oh, yeah, there's still more.

Oh, look another baby sweater. This one's in cotton. It's for the other Kara that I work with. She's due in June. (Are you starting to get a sense of the deadlines?)

And this is the last picture. Honest. It's a scarf, for Mr. Spit. It will match to the hat, I completed for him in January. He also has one I finished for him in April. So, I'm not rushing. Even if they did get 12 inches of snow 3 hours west of here. Nope, if I stop knitting winter stuff, winter will go away.

So, now I'm going to do what any sensible person would do at this point. I'm going to have a nap, and then I'm going to the yarn store to buy a few things and register for a lace class. You know, so that I can start more stuff.

(Oh, and the more observant among you will no doubt notice 9 projects, plus the one in the hall closet that I'm still not talking about)