Ladies (And Gentleman), the Winnah is . . . .

Drum roll please!

Jamie, Mr. Spit and I thought long and hard about what to give you - and we decided to offer you the A, B or C option.

Would you like a $40 Gift Card to:

A for

B for the Body Shop (A Canadian Store, just saying!)


C for Crate and Barrel?

Send an email (in my profile!) and we'll get you hooked up!

A note about word pronunciation:

Mrs. Spit grew up in a family that is more-British-than-the-British. Don't believe me - ask my first roommate at boarding school how she felt when I asked her when she wanted to be knocked up in the morning? (knocked up = woken up, it refers to someone knocking on your door to wake you)

Whinge is actually a different word than whine - whine is pronounced to rhyme with time, whinge rhymes with hinge.

In Mrs. Spit's more-British-than-the-British family, it was always pronounced whinging. As in "Mrs. Spit, are you whinging about eating mushy peas with your steak and kidney pudding?".