Things I like the sound of

  1. Stiletto's clicking away on a tile floor.
  2. Espresso grinders.
  3. Rain on the roof on a Saturday morning.
  4. Jazz music.
  5. Dog paws skidding on the stairs as the dogs rush down the stairs to meet me.
  6. The sound of an espresso machine.
  7. The slightly inquisitive, but very cute meow I occasionally get from Max.
  8. Mr. Spit's voice when he calls me sweetness.
  9. Train whistles late at night.
  10. The music on my ipod.
  11. The sound of little girls giggling.
  12. My friend, who tells me she bought bamboo knitting needles so that she could knit silently in the women's washroom, you know, just to take the edge off, when she was having a bad day.