Things I don't like the sight of - Updated

a photo of 2 pink lines on a blog post. Because she's pregnant. And she deserves to be, and she's a wonderful mother, and will be a wonderful mother to this next baby.

But I'm now a chronic hypertensive. And my chances of pre-e have escalated yet again. And we won't adopt (it's just not really an option for us) and surrogacy in Canada is problematic. And it's unclear if pregnancy is safe for me any longer, much less wise.

And why does she get to have three children when I have none? Yesterday was a good day too.

Updated: I came home early (yes ma'am, I'm flunking out of adult life 101) and I had a wonderful e-mail from this mom in waiting. Telling me essentially that my congrats on her blog really meant alot to her, considering it was coming from me. Sometimes, sometimes it hurts to be a good person. Really, I am thrilled for her. I just hurt for me.