Oh Shoot, Oh Shoot, Oh Shoot

replace the shoot with an 18A word please! I can't bring myself to swear in a title on my blog. Mostly it's cause I'm either Canadian or afflicted with guilt or have delusions of being a lady.

But oh shoot, oh shoot, oh shoot.

So, the grief and community post is one I've been playing with, since, well the start of May. . . And I wasn't done with it. And I hit post, and I wasn't finished with the last bit of it, and I think I may have accidentally suggested that miscarriages aren't as painful as later pregnancy loss, and that wasn't my point, my point was that it's just different, and more people are aware of someone who lost a baby through miscarriage, and are better able to support someone in this place.

Hello, I'm a woman who's baby died at 25 weeks, I'm a freak. Who also can't tell the difference between post and save.

And Oh shoot, oh shoot, shoot.

So, I'm sorry, I have no freaking idea about how I hit publish, and actually a good part of the email is some unworked out anger with someone in my real life, and can I just say "oh Shoot". That wasn't for public consumption. And of course I did this sometime this pm, and then I was at the hair dressers all night, and then dinner, so I didn't notice.

Me and my new haircut are going to have a drink and swear and be mad at ourselves. And read your replies. And hope that you are all still talking to me.

I didn't want to remove the post, so I took the last bit out, because honestly, I may say stuff in my head, but I wouldn't say it out loud.