NoCoLeaveMo (And Slips!)

Ok, after my full day of slip wearing, I have discovered three things.
1. My skirt sat better on me. It actually seemed to fit better.
2. It got less wrinkled.
3. Nylon doesn't breathe really well. I got a bit sticky.

Moving on to other things, NoCoLeaveMo is an idea I adore. And I have to say, I loved all of your comments. You are all my new best friends! Oh, and if you are reading, and you are wondering what NoCoLeaveMo is, you can go here to find out.

I moved to Google Reader a few days ago, and so when I went to look at all the blogs I read - from the folders called "blogs" and "blogs I read at work" and "blogs to read less often", I realized, there are 64 I read daily. (And there would be more if a certain person from HEARTS would open her blogs up, or at least send me an invitation.)

I have been wondering what to do about mummy blogs. Infertility, check. Labour and Delivery, check. Pregnancy, check. Bringing a living baby home? Yeah, missed out on that part.

It's a struggle to comment on mummy blogs - I don't have a horse in that race, so I'm not quite sure what to say. After you have read and answered the questions about the tree planting ceremony, (pretty please, I'm open to ideas), would you let me know:

How do you feel when a non parent comments on your blog? Does it bother you?