The Thursday-Whinge-For-All

Allrighty, at Carol's request: we are having a Whiny Thursday again.

The Rules:
This is your chance to take that tiny little thing, throw it in the comments, fully whine about it. Howl, go on at length, tell us every detail. And you know what?
We will all tell you that it's not fair, we'll sympathize.
We won't tell you to get over it, or be thankful for what you have.
Today, I feel like whinging, and you get to be a part of it.
Tomorrow we'll clean up our act, and we'll go back to the being the grown ups we are.
Tomorrow we'll put on our big girl and deal with it.
Today we whine.

The Contest:
And the best? Based on a highly scientific system, (like letting the cat draw names out of the hat) I will send two people a prize. One of the prizes will go to Carol. They will be something cool like a gift card or something knitted. It'll be something worth your while.
Contest Deadline: Monday May 19th at 12:01 MST.

My Whinge:

It's about apostrophe's, and using them in possessives. Simply put, if you can say that one item belongs to another in a sentence, it's a possessive. So, if we say Mrs. Spit's garden, it is the garden belonging to Mrs. Spit, and we use an apostrophe to indicate the relationship. We also use them for contractions and certain plurals, but really, this is a blog about gardening and grief and knitting and whinging, not grammar.

Now, lots of people struggle with apostrophe's (and I'm happy to give lessons to all who ask), but, but if you are an editor that Mrs. Spit works with on a professional basis, and you are being paid (rather more than Mrs. Spit, I might add), I should not have to explain to you that I put the apostrophe in, when you missed it in the initial edit, and no it shouldn't be taken out!

Now, come and whinge!