Confession Time

I can make a souffle. Kick butt risotto, with the homemade chicken broth and hand grated Parmesan and all that stirring.
Made from scratch cakes. A wedding cake.
Curry, pasta by hand.
Bread, buns, strudel.

Yea, all those goodies, and more. But I cannot make rice.

I have tried the rice cookers (three have died horrible deaths on my counter). I have tried the boil in the bag. I have tried the microwave. I have tried the finish cooking it in the oven. I have tried the stove method. With a pot with a glass lid. I have tried minute rice, which turns out mushy or crunchy, and always needs to be strained.

Currently, I buy the Uncle Ben's plastic packages of rice that you microwave in the package. They aren't bad. Or at least better than the alternatives.

Erm, anyone got any help?