Miscellany Monday - Updated

Happy Memorial Day to all of you Americans. I'm a bit jealous of your day off (in spite of my long weekend of forced labour last weekend). I'm perplexed too - what are you memorializing?

I have to go and buy a slip today. I bought these very cute linen skirts last week, and they are a tiny bit see through. Actually, they aren't too bad, but I'm a modest sort (at least on the outside), so I have to go and buy a slip. I dug through my drawers and unearthed a full slip, to wear today and that seems to be doing the trick, but I think I actually need that elusive thing called a half slip. I also need 'suck it up, shove it in' underpinnings for a dress I'm wearing on June 20th (my plan is to look fat, but not lumpy!), so I might as well kill two stones.

I was thinking about my old nanny today - she was quite emphatic that a young lady never left the house without a slip. I went digging through the lingerie drawer, and I'm not so sure that she would have been pleased with the contents. I found a full slip, an old camisole, my bustier from my wedding, a few things which are more, ahem, decorative in nature and a pair of tights from boarding school. (I could tell this because they were navy blue wool with cabling, and they had my name and student number sewn in the bum)

I'm not sure if Nanny would have been pleased that I realized the skirt needed a slip, or horrified that I haven't been wearing it all along. So, my question to you: do you all wear slips? Am I the only one out there that doesn't? And where do you buy them?

I'm dipping my ginger snaps into my latte as I drink this. Yeah Second Cup Low Altar of Caffeine. Not quite as good as dipping the fresh ginger snaps into tea, but I'm lazy, and I had the latte. Lesley, have I mentioned how much I adore you and your marketing goodness?

Us Canadians will keep working, and keep holding the fort down, as the sober and sensible frumpy aunt, while the rest of you slackers and dilettante's go to the beach. Pbfft. Our beaches still have ice on them!

Updated: I went to The Bay ( a fine Canadian Tradition) I had the option of white, cream or black. In a length a little above the knee, or a about mid calf. I am the proud owner of a knee length cream slip. Also a trench coat. And a new dress. Umm, and a new pair of underwear. (We don't use the p-word here at Mrs. Spit). Alas, no foundation garments seemed to fit my needs. I'm having a cookie now. I'll see if that helps.