Things I like the Smell of (Just for Niobe)

  1. The smell of fresh bread as it wafts down the street from the bakery on the Avenue.
  2. The smell, on a fall evening, of the first fire in some one's fire place.
  3. The smell of snow in the air, in early October, as I walk out to the car, and see that all of the leaves have turned, almost over night.
  4. Earth, just slightly warmed, as I hold it up to my nose, to determine if the garden has warmed up enough.
  5. The smell of freshly ground coffee.
  6. Wet wool (yes, I know, not quite normal)
  7. A house full of cedar and pine at Christmas.
  8. The smell of a Sunday roast cooking in the oven, with guests coming over for dinner.
  9. Mayday trees that first day they bloom, in early summer, when I throw my windows open to inhale.
  10. The smell from sleeping on soft cotton sheets that have dried in the summer sun.

What about you?