Hey Mrs. Spit, what are you doing this weekend?

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Yes, this means you.

So, it's the Victoria day long weekend here in Canada, also known as the May 2-4 weekend, (even though it doesn't fall on a May 24th this Year). It's to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday, and actually the reigning Monarch's as well. Although HRH Elizabeth II was actually born on April 21 (we Canandian's are much too polite to protest about this flagrant trickery). Additionally the May long weekend represents the 3 days I get to fly the Union Jack from my flag pole, and yes, we toast the Queen on Monday.

Oh, and there's the other thing that every.single.person. in Canada(except for those freaks in Victoria that have been gardening since February) does - plant their garden.

So, this weekend, what am I doing?

Well, on Saturday 3 cubic yards of rock are showing up at my back gate. And those of you better at depth perception and volume perception need not tell me how much rock this is. . .

So, this will be into stone.

Umm yes, there's a lot of ahem, doggy night soil, mixed in with this. We are hoping that the rock shall be more, washable.

And then there's the planting stuff. All of this is for on old laundry sink I'm going to use as a planter. Well, not the column. That's for a sun dial Mr. Spit and I are buying each other for our anniversary.

Ahh, yes. This is from Mrs. Spit's wee old grow op. Where in I grow a bazillon tomato's, and almost all my bedding plants, and herbs and a few other things. Let's see, there's 8 holes in each row, and 4 rows to a tray, and there are 6 trays, so that's . . . (where's that calculator JuliaS?

Umm, that's 192 plants to stick in the ground.

Look, the pansies didn't grow too well this year, and the bergenia (far left) and the speedwell (middle) were on sale! ON SALE!

And the roses, well, they were on sale. For $10 a pop. These are Morden and Explorer roses. In other words, the only kind that actually grow in Alberta!

Oh, and when I finish that, I need to dig the bed to put in Gabriel's tree. And a few of those roses. And some other stuff that I clearly won't have room for in the existing beds.

And then, I'm going to be digging up grass to put down some paving stones for under my chimenea. Very excited about that.

Oh, and I have to be off, to buy some more bedding plants (for the planters, stop looking at me like this!)

So, I may not write too much this weekend, and um, anyone looking for a few good coleus?