Can we Interrupt the Abortion Debate for just a moment?

I have an email from both Mr. Slater (Boundless Editor) and Mr. Kaufman (the Writer). I'll publish those on Monday. (Mr.Spit has the blog for tomorrow - Stay Tuned!).

But today, today there is something more important!

The 27th was Anna Banana's birthday. She probably doesn't want me to tell you all how old she is, so I'll tell you she turned a number with a 3 and a 5 in it. Anna is grand. She's smart, she's funny, she's kind, she's compassionate, she's got good hair. She's one of my favourite people at work. (Ok. let's be honest, she's one of the only people I work with that I like!). I like her even if she lives in the only place in the universe where you can wear a string tie and cowboy boots with your tux. She's also the mother of the cutest child in the universe!

Today, you will notice, is the 29th. That's two days past the start of her birthday. So, both you and Anna would be reasonable in asking: "Will Anna be getting her birthday gift soon". Yep, that'd be a reasonable question.

Umm, here, look at these pictures. Yeah, that's a beach off highway one in California. It was really, really pretty.

And this one. Those are elephant seals. They are really cute. We stood and watched them for a good half an hour. They were so cute. Especially when they scratched their chins with their flippers, or rolled over and stretched. They must be the laziest things in all creation.

Oh, and this one? That's me about to get really wet in the surf, at Carmel by the Sea. Unfortunately Mr. Spit was so busy taking pictures he didn't have time to warn me I was going to get very wet. He had time to laugh at me though.

So these images, they are my pitiful, wretched, humble attempt to explain why . . .

Anna's birthday gift, well, it looks like this. That's a sock cuff. Haven't quite started the heel portion yet. But I'm close - about 5 more rows!

Yeah, the other one, it looks even worse.
So, everyone join with me:

I am a bad friend. I was supposed to be knitting on the drive to San Francisco, not watching the scenery, admiring the sea lions or getting wet. (hanging head in shame)

I have to go now, I need to be knitting.

Soon Anna, I promise.