San Diego, we hardly knew you

Left sunny San Diego for sunny Anaheim today.

Drove down the interstate with the top down, and loved every moment of it. Sea world was incredible - well kept, well laid out, impeccably clean, with flowers everywhere. I saw birds of paradise, in a bush, as opposed to lowly singletons, in my florists' cooler, for $15.00 a stem. C'est Incroyable. Really liked the Zoo, although some more time would have been nice. We felt kind of rushed.

Shamu was magical, and feeding the sea lions reminded me of feeding the dogs. Especially the guy who sat on his rock and waved his flipper at you. Obviously he had this down pat. Kind of reminded me of two mutts at home . . . Waiting for dinner.

I am a big fan of this stuff, courtesy of Patti, my supplier, err, dealer, err beauty consultant, and I thought she had a lot of beauty stuff, then I set foot into the wonder that is Sephora, in downtown disney, and wow. Wow, who knew that eye shadow came in yellow, or lime green, or hot pink (no, not me either. I'm not so sure about wearing it either). I only bought body butter for my very dry legs. (No Patti, I didn't buy lipstick. Honest, I didn't. You can even ask Owen. I don't trust these people, they sell yellow eye shadow). We had dinner with Owen's brother and sister in law, at a lovely Mediterranian place called Catal. Go with the Salmon, and the gelato for dessert. Very nummy.

Tomorrow is the Mouse, and more mouse, and International House of Pancakes for breakfast. Time to go to bed.
Oh, and Cheryl S-R - 20 degrees and sunny - driving down the interstate with the top down. But you wouldn't have enjoyed it . . . . .