Knitting in Public

I skived out on church pursued an alternate worship strategy this morning. I was sitting in the nice brown leather chair, next to the fireplace. I partook of communion a non fat latte and a banana walnut muffin and sat knitting and people watching. (Hey don't look at me like that - the Carrot was closed. )

These two women walked in - hot and sweaty, in their spiffy running tights, and sat drinking their ice water and tea with green crumbly bits - not even coffee. Honestly. Made me tired just looking at them.

So, the one looks at the other, and says "I went to University with this girl. She knit. All. The. Time. I took her to a hockey game, and she brought her knitting".

I thought about all the places I have engaged in public knitting, and thought about speaking up. I realized I knitted through my entire class yesterday. I have brought my knitting to restaurants, on car rides, to support group, to bible study. I smiled to myself, and I just kept knitting. I have to confess, I also thought - "I can hear you. I'm knitting, not deaf".

I'm knitting this:

Then they started talking about running sprints. I packed up and went home then.