California Dreaming

So, when Mr. Spit and I lost Gabriel, the Social Worker at the hospital suggested that we try to go away for my due date. We were supposed to have gone to Denver for Christmas. We had Gabe's funeral instead.

So, today we are in San Diego, as part of the Spit California Tour, 2008. We thought about having T-Shirts made, but as it turns out we were barely organized enough to get all the hotel reservations organized.

We are in the 2 days of San Diego portion of the tour. We are madly in love with the Red Mustang Convertible that is ours until we leave (but, perhaps less in love with the hour spent waiting in line to get her).

We like our hotel, quite like In-N-Out burgers and fries, and the prices were astounding. 10.95 - for two people, for a 2 x cheeseburgers, 2 x milkshakes and 2 x fries - holy crow!

And I just wondered - did anyone else notice that San Diego drivers are a wee, tiny bit crazy? They move randomly. And they honk when stuck in traffic. Canadian drivers just wait patiently.

If you were the black car behind us, we're really sorry we cut you off. It's a really un-Canadian thing to do, I know - but you see, our lane just ran out. No sign, no warning, no nuthing!

And to the lady on the Hertz bus, who will almost certainly never read this, who gave me her daughter-in-law's red dress button, so I could give it to my mother, because I can't find them in Canada, and mom had a stroke a year ago, I thank you. You have probably done more for my good opinion of American's than any other person I have ever met. I was starting to get a bit weepy, thinking about how I would much rather be pregnant, and you created a wonderful tiny point of light, and I didn't really get a chance to say the "thank-you" you deserved.

No pictures, just snow in windy prairie city, the Denver airport (Very Cool) and palm trees. Sea World tomorrow.