One Perfect Day

Arise very late (in spite of the fact it's Easter, and you really should go to the Anglican Cathedral that is very close to your hotel, and has five services). Crack open the Easter Chocolate that your friends sent along with you. MMMMM. Lindt Eggs. Meander down to the Concierge, checking that it's not the same one as the Fish and Farm Fiasco last night. Take her suggestion to to to Cafe De La Presse. Order the eggs Benedict with salmon and the regular eggs Benedict. Drink Cafe Au Lait out of a bowl, like you should. Joke with the charming waiter about the "french" names on the menu (lost bread = french toast), and tell him that Dames just isn't french. Exchange stories about your dogs, sit and just be.

Take the cable car down to the wharf - standing on the back, watching the scenery go by. Meander through tiny shops at the wharf, score a very good deal on SFO rain jackets, find the last of the gifts for everyone on your list, watch the sea lions, cruise on the bay, wander through some more shops, find a coffee place that roasts its own beans, drink another latte. Sit and people watch. Go to Ghiardelli square. Have a chocolate accident (honest, no idea how I bought that much. Really, none. Honey, just pay the man. We'll eat it.)

Meander some more. Show up at the crab house. Know it's a good seafood place. What does the crab come with? Well, crab. They throw some butter in as well. Eat 1 pound of shrimp, 3 pounds of crab. Wear a bib. Eat with your hands. A platter piled high. Great lashings of butter. Walk back to the coffee place, get another amazing latter. Go through the Aquarium of the bay. Touch a tiger shark. Wander more. Take the cable car back up the hills. Stop in at Cafe de la presse again. Have une pot du chocolate and chocolate mousse. Share bites, watch the others in the restaurant. Trade scotch stories with the bar tender. (His wins. He opened his dad's 25 year scotch. He wasn't supposed to. I think you get written out of the will for that.) Walk home.

A perfect day. There are big miracles, and small ones. Thanks be to God, Alleluia.