Bloggy Goodness Guarantee

Seems to me that every relationship should start with a set of promises. And we have a relationship, don't we. (All one friend and my DH that know about this blog - wohoo!). I'm big on promises, I just finished an election campaign - 28 days of being promised the earth, and delivered - well, less than that.

But perhaps I shall be so witty, so erudite, so grammatically correct(!) that I shall astound us all, and I shall have a following that rivals even the Yarn Harlot. Really. It could happen. So, my guarantee to all of you who are reading:

1. At some point one of us will offend the other. Let's just agree this will happen, and that we'll negotiate our way out of it then. Likely by using some variant of my blog is like my living room - behave in the comments the same way you would if I had you for coffee. Remember, politics, religion, world events and philosophy actually are things we talk about in my living room.

2. At some point I will mis-spell something. Or I will use a grocer's apostrophe. Feel fee to point it out to me. I will feel equally free to tell you that anal-retentive should have a hyphen.

3. At some point I will not post for a bit. Just like at some point you won't read for a bit. Carry on.

4. Comments are likely nice. I will probably appreciate them.

So - there you are - my personal guarantee to you.

mrs. spit