Getting back to nature

I'm a city girl - I like being close to restaurants (which I eat at a lot). I like being close to shopping malls (shoes!) I like being able to walk to most places in my neighbourhood, and I love that my work commute is only 7 minutes.

But sometimes, I'd like to bring the country to the city. I don't want an entire flock of chickens, just three to give me eggs. (and make a good roast chicken with). I don't want a cow, but I wouldn't mind a small goat to cut the grass for me. Honestly I'm not completely out to lunch with this plan. Seattle and Victoria permit you to have these sorts of things.

And then I read this article, and I think, I'd like to do this too. I could grow wheat. It would make great bread. Along with the vegetables and the chickens. And the Alpaca for spinning wool that the knitting pal and I are going to get. I could be somewhat self sufficient - and lower my carbon foot print, all at the same time. Get on the bandwagon windy prairie city that I live in!

And please, don't tell DH about this. He gets, well, anxious about the whole livestock issue.