Wow, those federal conservatives

Can apparently resurrect people from the dead. That's a real skill. No wonder the Liberals keep bowing down to them.

Depending on who you believe, Chuck Cadman was offered some amount of money as a bribe an inducement to vote with the Conservatives to bring down the Liberals over a budget vote in 2005.

Today the conservatives have announced that the inducement was nothing more than an offer of campaign funding (for a person who sat as an independent after getting screwed out of the Conservative Nomination), given to a man with only weeks left to live. Interesting, no one admits that they offered Chuck the Conservative nomination, only that they were willing to pay for his campaign.

Which makes me wonder, was any portion of the money allocated to perform a resurrection? If that was possible, it would be money well spent. Stephen Harper described Chuck Cadman as "good and decent man". I wonder what Chuck Cadman would say about Stephen Harper?