So, someone from White Guys with Blue Ties, Inc. called me shortly after Gabriel's birth, telling me that I was eligible for dependant life insurance for Gabe, because he was born alive. And I was pleased that they called. My number one thought at that moment was not insurance. It was something else. I thought it was nice that they made sure I got what I was entitled to. I was pleasantly surprised, it's not like White Guys with Blue Ties, Inc. is known for its stellar HR procedures.

Then I wasn't eligible.
Then I was. After I called to follow up on why.
Then I had to fill out these forms, and provide a death certificate.
Then I had to provide a birth certificate.
Now I have to provide a certificate of live birth, or a doctor's statement of live birth.
I don't have one of those. I remember, there were forms. I signed them. I have no idea what I signed. Mr. Spit gently handed them to me. He said, sign here. And here. And maybe some other place.

As it happens, OB the wonderful's amazing nurse called, and OB wasn't there when Gabriel was born, but from the delivery record, he can fill out the insurance companies' really stupid form. We hope. Cause I know that the OB who came into the room after Midwife the Amazing caught Gabriel was an @#%hole of the biggest order. (Why no sir, I'm not going to hand you my baby, and I really don't appreciate you screaming at me. Go away. You can come back when he's dead. It will be all too soon). I actually never want to see him or talk to him again.

So, I'm frustrated. I've provided evidence that Gabriel was born alive (can't get a birth certificate if he wasn't). I've provided his death certificate. I've detailed the circumstances. I've explained. It's not even like I went looking for the money.

So, I wonder. How many other parents do they put through this? Does Insurance Company the Really Stupid not understand, to have to talk about Gabriel's delivery is to re-live it? I start to wonder, is that their intent? To make is so difficult to claim the money that I will back off? Do they have no compassion? Can't they just say at the outset - here's what we require, submit it all at once? Would that not be easier? I had assumed this would have been as simple as Mr. Spit's insurance company, who wanted the Funeral Director's statement of death, and a one page form. A cheque arrived 3 weeks later.

Do they honestly think, having suffered the loss of my son, I'm trying to scam them for a measly 10K? It wouldn't matter if it was 100 million, do they not understand, we really just want Gabriel here? I'm frugal. I'll take the money, use it. But it's poor recompense. And I'm angry.