Moonlight on Oceans

We left Los Angeles at 12:00pm, after driving for 2 hours. People here are crazy. They move randomly. They don't signal. They are going 70 miles an hour, then they slam on the brakes. Mr. Spit did great - except for the one time I screamed at him, when he turned his head to look at the map, I seemed unable to figure out. (I am convinced than San Francisco is south of Los Angeles, in spite of all evidence to the contrary)

We arrived at the mission at San Luis Obispo, in time for the Good Friday Service - in Spanish. Given that our Spanish is limited to such helpful things as Senor, Gracias, and Cervecas, we genuflected at the front, and scuttled out the side door, looking like we meant to do that. We went shopping down the street, and I had another latte.

We continued down Highway one. I contributed to the conversation by pointing out the cows, and telling Mr. Spit which kind they were. He didn't seem to fully appreciate my knowledge, but I digress. We arrived at the Ollalieberry Inn (It's a berry, a hybrid, with blackberry and blueberry. I'll tell you how it tastes after breakie tomorrow). I looked at the garden, and wished the owner were around. I identified the nasturtiums, they were the large things growing like weeds. We had Mexican at a hole in the wall place, which was incredible. I ate the salsa (I"m allergic to tomatoes, salsa and I don't get along). It was incredible. I wanted to take the cook home with me.

We drove off to the Hearst Castle, for the evening tour. It was enchanted. Glorious, magical, uplifting and wondrous. WE left behind today and went back to the 1930's, and enjoyed every moment of it. We drove down and stood by the ocean in the moonlight.

My life has been so much like the rocks on the beach, almost drowning as the ocean washes over me each time. It has been an exhausting struggle to put one foot in front of the other. Tonight, I stood above the ocean, and saw the waves not just wash over the rocks, but play and dance on the shore as well. I saw the beauty of the moon on the water, and the size of the ocean, and realized that I am not the only rock on the shore, and the ocean is much bigger, and much more beautiful than I ever realized. I looked at the stars above me, and realized that I am surrounded by a million tiny points of light. I understood a bit, that a human heart, a mother's heart is so much larger and deeper than I will ever know, and it heals in ways I do not fully understand. Joy is so much more than sorrow.

In the midst of winter, I discovered within me that there was an eternal spring. Albert Camus.