Furball the Number 2

So, it's time to introduce you to the second furball - Maggie's little, err, smaller, err younger sister.

Here she is. This is Delta.

And wow, your questions have started already:

  1. Why yes, you might call her a "big dog". She's an English mastiff.

  2. Well, we don't ask how much you weigh, but about 180 pounds the last time we measured. (We have to take her to the Vet to weigh her, she doesn't quiiiite fit on the scale at home)

So, here she is with her legs out. She takes up a good 4 feet of space.

And more answers.

  1. Yes, her head comes up to my waist. . . .

  2. She's 29 inches at the shoulder.

  3. Why yes, she does make a good foot rest.

  4. No, she doesn't eat as much as you might think. We feed raw food, and she gets between 2 and 3 pounds a day (She's watching her waistline grow, we're wanting it to shrink).

  5. Well, how do you define expensive? The food and treat and cat litter and vet and toy bill for the month is probably about $280 a month.

And even more answers.

  1. Why yes, she does drool. It's a thing that Mastiff's are known for. You get used to wiping her off. Hint: all the red dish cloths here at Chez Spit, they are "drool rags", don't use them. But, just look at that tongue.

  2. Yes, Mastiffs are house dogs. They bond very strongly to humans, and they can't be outside dogs. They get neurotic. That's a problem in Mastiff's.

  3. Yes, they are quite good with kids. They knock them over sometimes, but the children seem to get back up again. Delta gets anxious about kids once they start walking. She likes them to stay in one place.

  4. Yes, Mastiff's are generally quite smart. Delta's a bit of an exception. But she's sweet and loveable. Except for her thrice weekly accidents in the bathroom.

  5. No, they aren't the easiest to train. But Delta's very, shall we say, food motivated?

  6. No, we don't let her on furniture. Are you crazy? There'd be no room for us. We are luck that Maggie and the cat let us sleep on their bed.

    This is Delta's best buddy, Maximus Catimus. He's next week.