Furball the Number Third

Ahh, time to introduce the last member of the Spit family. Certainly not the largest, or the most cuddled, but definitely the fur ball with the highest attitude to weight ratio, yes . . . .

it's Maximus Catimus.

Also known as the cat who hates us.

And only likes the very large mastiff.

Yep, weighing in at less than 1/4 of a week's dog food, he's 10 pounds of incoherent fury and rage. And have I mentioned that he's not very fond of Mr. Spit and I, who feed him, take him to the vet, buy him treats, pet him (when he isn't sinking his teeth into our hands), and try to be very nice to him? This picture especially posted for G. who "puffy hearts mastiff's)

Mean as can be, that's Max. He was cute for a bit. For all of about 15 minutes when he was just a wee tiny kitten, that would do things like cuddle up to you, and you know, actually purr. (Yes, that's Max the kitten in Delta's food bowl. Ok, so maybe it gave Delta a few ideas. . . .)

Max's hobbies are:
  1. Sleeping

  2. Drawing blood while you pet him

  3. Sleeping snuggled up to Delta

  4. Glaring at you

  5. Sleeping snuggled up to the hot air vents

  6. Meowing to be fed

  7. Sleeping on the white poang arm chair from Ikea

  8. Running out the front door when least expected

  9. Waking owners up from a sound sleep to bite their feet and demand to be petted. (this happened at 2 am this morning. He was also covered in dog slobber. I don't want to know what he and Delta had been up to.)

  10. Beating on the dogs

  11. Sleeping curled up on my knitting wool

Yep, Max. He's a real sweet cat. Even if he totally hates us.