the support of the blogoshpere.

I was going to start this post about how my mother always said to say thank you. . .



You know

So, I'll say this: I regard it as a virtue to be appreciative. And I have appreciated your support. I have had to remind myself that I didn't make a rash decision, this problem was not new, and ending the relationship was the best thing I could ever do for myself and Mr. Spit.

But still, it's hard, and I feel guilty.

thanks for those of you who wrote about ending relationships, and how that was good. Thanks for those of you who sent good wishes, and thanks for those who sent hope for better days, and thanks for those of you who said sorry. I have held on to those wishes, and when I start thinking I must have been crazy, I remember them.

So, I appreciate it, and I want to thank you.