Grocery List's

Are visible signs of progress:
  1. This one has no Kleenex on it. We still have some in the dungeon basement.
  2. There is actual real food on the list. I will never forget standing in Costco in January, throwing every single packed, preservative laden, full of ingredients I couldn't pronounce, overpriced prepared meal in my cart. I bought tourtiere! I make tourtiere. It's really good.
  3. I am actually making a grocery list. Which means that I have cooked. And used real food. And I have the brain power to consider what I might want to cook, and what we are out of.

Progress my friends and compatriots, progress!

Having said that, today was a sick day, I woke up screaming from nightmares 3 times again last night. I'm awfully glad that Mr. Spit is coming home today. This part of grieving I could live without. (What am I saying, I haven't found a part of grieving I can live with!)