Dear WestJet:

Thank you for exceeding my expectations. My last flight, only a short month ago was Air Canada and American Airlines. 'Nuff said.

But honestly, when you asked me about what you could do better, I was hard pressed to not mention something about the wailing banshees small people on the plane.

Now understand, WestJet, this actually isn't because I hate children, nor is it because I have just lost a child, nor is it because of infertility. This has nothing to do with that. This has to do with the fact that there was:

Not one child
Not two children
Not three children
Not four children
But five (5) - yes FIVE children, all sitting within 4 rows of me.

There was the lovely little boy who sat in front of me. He sang 99 bottles of beer on the wall. I'm not sure if he sang all the verses, but judging by the stunned expression of the business traveller sitting in the same row, I think perhaps yes. I also think he was the one withe the, erm, flatulence problem. Maybe you could get some medical help for him? Or possibly could we have those air bags now?

There was the lovely little girl who sat across from us. We were all thankful that she was in a car seat. We did; however, wonder if the car seat would fit in the overhead bin, and if the bin was, how you say, soundproof? It's just, I had turned the volume on the new ipod alllll the way up, and I could still hear her. We also wanted to take up a collection for alcohol for this wee creature's parents, who looked, well, all done in. One got the feeling that maybe their day had not started in Edmonton, and if it didn't end soon, well, there were going to be parents eating glass in the airport lounge.

Then there was the twins, yes TWINS in front of us. Who were not screaming or farting (although, I wasn't sitting behind them, so who knows). But they, well, they had no volume control. None. And their mother had none either. You know how this goes. They raise their voice, mum raises hers, then they raise theirs. But, I did like the time out threat. I think all of us wanted one of those. Especially if we got to leave this plane to do it. We were just waiting for the threat to "turn this plane right around and go back home!"

Finally there was the earphone boy. Who was not taking off his earphones. Even after two flight attendants told him the plane would not be taking off until he did so. Seriously. We were about to start taking off, we had already taxi'd out to the runway, and he wouldn't take his ear phones off. I was glad he did. There were a lot of other adults who were willing to "help" his mother compel him too. . . .

Anyways, so if you wanted to make my flight experience better, how about some duct tape? No? Well, what about ear plugs?

PS - Loribeth: I waved out my window in your general direction.

I'm going to bed now.