Whinge for All Thursday

The Object:
This is your chance to take that tiny little thing, throw it in the comments, fully whine about it. Howl, go on at length, tell us every detail. And you know what?We will all tell you that it's not fair, we'll sympathize.We won't tell you to get over it, or be thankful for what you have. We won't try to solve your problems. Today is for whinging, and you get to be a part of it.Tomorrow we'll clean up our act, and we'll go back to the being the grown ups we are.Tomorrow we'll put on our big girl pan.ti.es and deal with it.

The Contest:
Based on a highly scientific system, (like letting the cat draw names out of the hat) I will send you the hat on the left, knit with my own two hands. You can take the flower off if you aren't a flower person. It fits an average sized woman's head. And don't ask me why I knit a hat. I'm a Canadian. We knit hats. It's cold up here. I have no idea what you would do with the hat if you lived in someplace warm in the winter. Truly, it's cold around here in the winter.

Contest Deadline:
July 10, at 11:59 pm, MST.

My Whinge:
I have this co-worker, who sits next to me. And I might be talking about something with someone else. And she interjects. Often enough, with something that is totally useless. Has no bearing on what we are discussing. And whomever I talk to and I wind up going off on a tangent, trying to figure out what said co-worker is talking about. I could maybe see interjecting into a work conversation, even if it is private, but for the love of lobelia, could you at least have something useful to to contribute?

Argh, enough to drive me crazy!

Now, Go Forth and Whinge.