Monday Miscellany

As promised, a Canadian Moose for JamieD at The Therapist Is In. I thought we had at least one picture of an actual moose, by you know, their natural habitat - the middle of the highway, but no.
  • Does anyone have a recipe that uses cubed bread? I have some consecrated bread from church (we usually use those wafer dealies, but for the children's first Communion, the kids bake bread). Anyway, I tried to feed it to the geese, but they wouldn't take it. What can I do with frozen bread? (I can't throw it out- it must be consumed). I'm looking for something more inspired than bourbon bread pudding.
  • Is it just me, or does blogger randomly refuse to accept your stupid security letters, even though you are convinced you have correctly the odd assortment of Swahili that they have trotted out to torture you?
  • Today is "vet day" here at chez Spit. You know, the day in which every single animal in the house goes to the vet. All at once. Yep, it's a great day, hauling 250 pounds of animal to a place that they don't like to go. Great fun.
  • And we have a house appraiser coming to appraise Chez Spit. So, if you could pray/cross your fingers/hold your eyebrows correctly/sacrifice a goat that we at least make the value that the City of Edmonton says the house is worth, that would be helpful.
  • I am missing a US size 5 needle for the blogger baby shawl, that is still not behaving well. I have hopes of beating knitting it into submission, but, umm, if you see my purple size 5 needle, do you think you could send it on home? It's just that for some peculiar reason, it's the only size five needle I have.
  • And the very best news for last: The fabulous, wonderful, splendid and altogether heroic Sam has given me chocolate. Her blogiversary and I get chocolate. I call that a stand up kind of woman! (And Mr. Spit, if you aren't present when it arrives at my office, sorry, but you lose!)