Monday Miscellany

- So Miss Maggie, as mentioned before, requires dental surgery. I'm going to stick her on a street corner, with a tin cup, and a sign that says "I have an abscess. I need x-ray's, and antibiotics and surgery. Please send money to my vet."

- Mr. Spit is again out of town, which means that my dinning habits will again regress to popcorn and fried eggs. Please, send dinner. I am pathetic. I can live with this.

- A number of you made great suggestions about the "zucchini problem" here at chez spit. Yes, the food bank will take them, and yes, you can prune them. (Clearly an idea I will be pursuing). Generally I don't get this many, this early in the year. Usually they come with the tomato's. So, I can rid myself of them by saying, "here's your tomato's, and if you want tomato's, you have to take your free with tomato's gift, a zucchini."

- And I'm sure some of you are wondering what progress I made on the blogger baby blanket. (Shawl, what shawl? I have no idea what you are talking about. Look, Rob Lowe is naked in the corner!)

See, a picture. Yes, the observant will notice that the wool is, ahem, substantively different. Possibly not even the same wool I started with. I don't wish to talk about it.

- Here's one with more detail of the pattern. The wool is fibranatura from webs, 100% merino, colour is cassandra (Ivory). It's super wash, so it can be washed in the machine, and thrown over the back of a chair to dry. I was going to get depressed about how much I hadn't got done, and then I realized that the blanket is already 6500 stitches. When you put it that way, I've done a lot of work. I'll be done in no time!

- And just to distract you one more time (for those of you who were still stuck on the whole shawl made out of cashmere that's like dental floss . . . ) This is for the September issue of Thursday-Whinge-For-All. The colour is really crummy in the picture but stunning in person. (bad light in the kitchen). It reminds me exactly of a Koi Goldfish. I'm thinking a long skinny scarf?

- Now if you will excuse me, I have chicken blood from dog food to clean up (please, this is another thing you don't want to ask. Sufficed to say, one should always leave raw dog food in the 'fridge until ready to use), and the fireworks are calling my name (It's actually Sunday night as I'm writing this. I'm just not this coherent on Monday Morning.)