They aRe ComMING to Get Me

Pls send help - the zucchini are taking over.

They are leaving the garden, and they don't care that they are growing in the rocks.

They are taking over. Completely. They don't care what they crowd out. And I am running out of neighbour front porches to hide the zucchini on. Why just this evening my amazing neighbour went running past with her dog. She cringed when I said hello. Surely they couldn't have told her already about the spate of zucchini-ings lately. Surely not.
See, it is even fraternizing with the carrots. It's already ditched the lettuce. And in a Christian home. Call the preacher. Call the weed eater. Call someone!

Ahh, finally - something that is not growing out of control, Christie's rose, in Gabriel's garden. It's a foxi pavement rose. It's hot pink. Christie likes pink.