Um, Erm

So, I had no Gmail yesterday. I also issues with Google Calendar, AVG (virus, spy ware and firewall) and I was getting all manner of nasty and displeasing messages from Microsoft.

I tried all of the usual things. Task Manager (Oh, how I wish ctrl-Alt-delete was something I could use in real life). I turfed my Internet cookies, my temporary files, my history. I de-installed and re-installed. I tried to log on to Gmail from the web (this was when I discovered I had no calendar). I tried everything. And it didn't work.

I went to bed, resolving to try and love FireFox. I told myself I would take the Internet tour tomorrow. And go to my web publisher at work and say "Jaaaaaasssssooooonnnnn, my Internet is broken. Whimper, whimper moan. Please fix. I will cook you dinner. I'll wear an apron and high heels. Pllllleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee?"

I was laying in bed, trying to figure it out. I couldn't get it. Why were my virus definitions telling me they were out of date, when I had updated them? AVG showed me that they updated them on July 30, at 11:17 pm. I had re-installed.

And then.

And then I remembered going into my computer's calendar to figure out what date next Monday was.

So I looked tonight. And, umm, it turns out that it's not August 30, no matter how much my computer thinks it is. And it turns out that if your computer thinks it's a month ahead, well things don't work.

Things like email and um, calendars and virus definitions that your computer downloads daily.

So, what do you want to confess about?

C'mon. Tell us all about it.