I'd rather be gardening

Really. Or knitting, or sitting on my front porch reading. Or sleeping in. But, we had our holiday on Tuesday. . . .

I'm trying not to think enviously of American holidays that fall on a Friday, and not a Tuesday, and just disrupt your week. Which is annoying, and makes me slightly disgruntled, in a Canadian sort of way.

Enough whinging about the holiday. If you want to whinge, go here.

For today, pictures of the garden I'd rather be in. The Garden Diva will be around in a few days. Hopefully she'll leave the bugs in the garden.

This is the first garden I put in, 4 years ago. It used to be a dog run. It was covered in inches of dog, ahem, leavings.

Yes, it's a laundry sink. And next year I'm going to get an old toilet, and put flowers in that. (I'm thinking bright pink trailing petunia's for the tank, and some sort of green frothy thing for the bowl. A staghorn fern maybe). Anyway, I'm going to put a sign above it that says "Mrs. Spit's second bathroom!" Or maybe "the ensuite life"

Oh great, we have critters in the garden. (Well, not really. Because the dogs aren't allowed in the gardens. Isn't. that. right. dogs?) This is Maggie.

The vegetable garden. Yes, I grow a lot of tomato's (on the spirals). About 15 in fact. Which is pretty astounding, given that I am allergic to them. I think I'll make salsa from them, for Christmas gifts. I have been dreaming about the salsa from El Mariachi in San Clemente, CA. For months. Please, would someone go there, and get me some, send it Fed Ex? Please? Or else, promise the chef whatever you have to, and get me the recipe. Please?

The scene from my front porch. Why yes, there are landscape lights missing tops. Gee Delta, would you like to tell Mummy's readers why? Thunderfoot confuses the lights with footballs. It's really very trying.

More front yard photo's. With neighbour cars. No drug dealers or graffiti, that's promising.

Oh, look. More vermin, err, rotten squash plant eating mastiffs, err dogs. Not that I'm bitter about the summer squash plant she devoured on Tuesday. Leaves, fruit, roots. Right out of the middle of the garden. Nope, not me. Because we wouldn't have been having grilled summer squash in a few weeks, which is my favourite summer vegetable. Nope, I'm not bitter.

This is the bed we put in last year, it's in full sun. Which gives me all sorts of options for plants. Well, as many as you can have in Zone 3, up here in the arctic tundra.

Thanks for stopping by. Pull a few weeds on your way out, would you?