Monday Miscellany

Things to tell you today:

  • When you are selecting a magazine for it's picture value, because the Opthamologist has put drops in your eyes to examine them and you can't read, it's best - truly - not to choose The Economist.
  • I have disabled anonymous comments. I got tired to stupid people on the blogs of others, and I figure if you are going to insult me, please at least do so with a name. Way back at the beginning I said we should behave as if we were in my living room. Still seems sensible to me.
  • Mr. Spit has an exciting blog series going. Drop over and see what he does for a living, and why he's never home, would you?

  • On the subject of Mr. Spit not being home. Here's what I had for dinner on the first night he was gone. (bbq chicken, rice and broccoli)
  • This was what I had for dinner tonight. Any guesses for tonight? (no, it won't be popcorn, that was dinner on Thursday Night)
  • Oh, and a very close to finished project - Baby Sweater for the Cara baby who arrived in the wee small hours of Friday. Keziah is here and her mum and dad and older brother are thrilled.

  • I have discovered that the wonderful Maximus doesn't eat dead wasps. I am, again, left wondering, why do I keep feeding this cat?

And finally, Mr. Spit and I had what looks to be an early miscarriage this weekend. By the time I read what my body was telling me (I knew there was a reason I couldn't eat the Calamari on Friday!), the wee one just starting had already left this world. I'm not sad. Really. We weren't trying to get pregnant. Quite the opposite - I'm on medication that is unsafe to be pregnant on. I'll say it again. We aren't sad. This isn't a big deal for us. I was all of 5 minutes pregnant. As the Very Blessed Midwife (VBM) said, sometimes things just aren't meant to be. If anything, we are pleased that for the very first time my body actually managed to get ovulate and get fertilized, without anyone's help. That's totally new for us. (And yes, I'm fine physically too).