Memory As Close As Breath.

December 10, 2007
Gabriel's Song

Souls aren’t judged by the amount of time
they spend upon this earth.
But rather by the lives they touch
That really show their worth.

So let us talk of his short life,
And celebrate his song
For the little soul of Gabriel,
Who didn’t stop too long.

I speak now of his short life
And his passage in this place.
How well spent his minutes were
In his family’s loved embrace.

Guided from his mother’s womb,
As only midwives can.
Brought to safety in this world
By Cathy’s loving hand.

Mothers voice, sings your song
Of the bond you two have made.
And no matter where you are
Her love will never fade.

He rocks you softly in his arms
Daddy holds you tight.
His love for you will keep you warm
And guide you to the light.

Water gently baths you,
Arms that keep you near,
Let you know that Nanna,
Holds you very dear.

Baptized by your family priest,
Who acts for God this day
Angels call to Gabriel now
To lead him on his way.

I know your hearts are broken
They’re in pieces on the ground.
And your minds have spoken
Of never coming round.

But time will take those pieces,
Let you put them back in place.
And when your heart's together
There ‘ll be just a “little’ space

How to fill this spot you ask?
Why the answer is above.
Just fill it with this baby’s gift.
He left you all his love.

That little spot will fill right up
To stay there for all time,
In memory of a 1.2 lb soul
Who left his love behind.

Poem written for Gabriel by Aunt Deb, December 12, 2007.

Until heaven, and then forever.