Monday Miscellany

Today's interesting things:

- Mr. Spit bought the doggles three toys on Saturday. There was a skunk, a hedgehog and a duck. The duck was supposed to be for Maggie. Unfortunately the Mastiff has taken it over. The hedgehog is totally slimy, the skunk was left out in the rain, and the duck, well the duck wanders around in Delta's mouth, saying "Quack, quack, quack". Maggie looks positively desolate each time she hears it. We are going back to Costco tonight, to buy another duck. Because, surely, Delta can't fit two ducks into her mouth?

- I was sitting out on the porch yesterday morning, my hair askew from sleeping, in my fuzzy pink bathrobe, with Delta guarding the front steps from floating away, when this car drove by, looking at the new house down the street. I'm sorry dear family, we'd quite like you in the neighbourhood, you looked presentable and without a drug problem. Honestly, we don't all hang out on our porches in fuzzy pink bathrobes. You could wear a blue one if the colour suited you better. We wouldn't mind.

- As someone asked last week, the tree planting thing went well, we were pleased with the turn out, and mostly pleased with how things turned out, especially given we had nothing planned.

- The meeting with the chief of Perinatology at the Royal Alex did not go well, but I suppose we have some information to make decisions on. For those of you who are the praying type, Mr. spit and I would appreciate your prayers, as we try to decide where to go from here. It's not quite as simple as we had hoped.

- I am in them middle of writing my Gardening Diva column on wee, ickle bugs. The biggest problem is that I don't actually like bugs. Reading 2 books with pictures of bugs in them doesn't seem to be helping my fear and loathing of them, at all. If you have a good home remedy for ridding yourself of ants, would you post it?

- I find that when people demand to know why I started smoking "I picked up smoking the day I went to review my son's autopsy" to be a rather snappy little answer that ends sticky questions.

- Father's day was brutally difficult for Mr. Spit, and difficult for me, to watch him. There were reminders everywhere. He would have been a wonderful father, and he was so dearly looking forward to having a son. It's hard to watch someone you love so much mourn. It was hard that few of our friends called to offer him any support. (Although, it's not like any of them called for Mother's Day either!). I'm trying to focus on the people who do support Mr. Spit, but finding the lack of support from those too wrapped up in their own lives a bit hard to take.