Dear Gabriel

We are planting your tree this afternoon. And I have been thinking of you. And wondering. And praying.

I pray that you feel the warmth of the sun your tiny face. I pray that there are toys and people to play with, that there is warm milk, and that you know the joy of flowers.

I pray that the women I know in heaven will rock you to sleep, and comfort you when you cry. I pray that when you can't sleep at night, that you know that I am awake too, and my arms ache to hold you, and my heart breaks that I can't.

I wonder who will teach you to walk, who will teach you to sing, to dance? I wonder if the tooth fairy comes in heaven, who will bake you a birthday cake, and I wonder who reads you the stories I wanted to read you?

I pray that there is music, and that Jesus sings you lullabies. I pray that someone teaches you to say your prayers.

And I pray that someone teaches you about us. Tells you that we loved you from the moment you were conceived. I pray that you know that we would have given anything to keep you here on earth.

I pray that you know, I am coming. I will be with you. Wait patiently my little boy. We are coming.

I pray that you know, that my love, your daddy's love, the love of your family, of your friends, I pray that you know that this love, it is a candle, and the flame, it is called memory. And it will never go out.

Until heaven, and then forever,

mummy and daddy.