Monday Miscellany (On Tuesday)

  • Sorry, yesterday was the wedding anniversary. Wanted to get that post up.
  • I am thinking of starting a knitting group in September. A chance to meet every couple of weeks and ooh and ahh over other's projects. We'll let the knitters, the quilters, the needle workers, and even the crocheters in (until they start with those horrible toilet paper covers, they are totally out of the group at that point!)
  • I am trying to understand how it is that Delta can remember the exact last location of a stuffed duck, to return to it, after she has been put in her kennel for the entire day; but she can't figure out what sit means. How is this? And in case you were wondering: no, Delta can't fit two ducks in her mouth. She can, however; fit one duck in her mouth, and hold the other one between her paws.
  • I knew I was in Prince George when two things happened: we pulled into the store parking lot, and the parking spaces were HUGE (everyone drives a pick up truck) and we pulled up to a traffic light, and there was our hostess going to pick up her munchkin from gymnastics. We had a conversation about where the house key was. Really, it's that small of a town.
  • Would someone please explain to me how a young woman who works in a corporate office could think it's appropriate for her to wear a skirt that is 4 inches above her knee and a see through top? And then there's the older woman who's wearing her speedo flip flops today. .
  • On the subject of young women, the two young girls who were my fairy princesses at my wedding (I didn't have flower girls, they wanted to be fairy princesses, so we had fairy princesses!) have turned into smart, articulate, beautiful, kind, responsible young women who were a delight to be with.
  • The eldest is having a bad go with acne, and I am sending her a care package with a the face soap I use from these guys. Not because there is anything wrong with her, but because I totally remember the horrible frustration that teenage acne caused. Heck, I remember it from this morning. I presently have Fred and George on my face. Can anyone else think of something that might make her feel better?

That's all for me today. What's interesting in your world today?