Finished Project Friday

Ahh, finished the first Cara baby sweater. It's been to class, to lunch, to appointments, to the low altar of caffeine. Finally all done, including the seaming up. Dropping it off for the baby tomorrow.

(For the knitters, it's Bristol Gallery - 45% alpaca, 45% merino and 10% cashmere. Yes, it was heavenly to knit. Didn't halo as bad as you might think - bought it from WEBS for about $4 a skein - used 5 and a teeny bit skeins.)

Based on this lady's adaptation of a Cardigan for Arwen. Chopped down and tinkered with, because I am hopeless at just following a pattern. I have to add something. Its a thing with me. Some nice detailing of the cable. Held closed with toggles. Quite like the toggles. Adds to the hobbit-ish touch of the sweater.

And then there's hats. To fit micro preemies. I'll work on the blankets to match, this weekend. (Knit in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino. Again, heaven on earth to work with.) And I think I have found at least one more person to knit them. I think I'll do concentric hearts, or butterflies for the blankets. Any thoughts?

By in large, I only knit in natural fibre's. I know it's expensive, and babies do all manner of revolting things to them (Adults too!). And yes, it has broken my heart when I have seen items treated badly. Want to get a group of knitters going? Get them to talk about the things we've spent hours on, and then seen abused. Stories to break your heart.

What about you? What's the worst thing you've ever had done with a gift you've given?