Monday Miscellany Meme

I have been tagged, by a few people. Alrighty, I'm not that interesting. But surely this is more interesting than the random bits I can think of?

What Was I Doing 10 Years Ago:

Finishing my first year of university.

Saying goodbye to the little girl who was like my child. (It's a long story).

Trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up.

Drinking too much beer.

Breaking up with the small town boy, who thought Montreal was too far away, but moved to Qatar to teach english.

5 Things I Need to do Today:

  1. Go to Fort Edmonton Park

  2. Talk to Cheryl from HEARTS about lunch on Tues. (Hello, Cheryl, call me?)

  3. Do some laundry.

  4. Go and get Marble Slab ice cream.

  5. Finish Anna's sock.
  6. Go to my support group.

Snacks I like:

  1. Ruffles all-dressed potato chips

  2. Marble Slab Ice Cream

  3. Lemon anything.

  4. Pita bread with tzatiki.

Places I have lived:

  1. Prince George, BC

  2. Warburg, AB

  3. Calgary, AB

  4. Edmonton, AB

(I get around a lot, can you tell?)

People I want to know more about:

  1. Mr. Spit