By The Numbers

By the Numbers:

The weight a baby needs to be at the Royal Alex to have a
meaningful chance of survival: 750g.
Gabriel's weight: 520 grams

How many weeks gestation that is: around 26 weeks.
When did Gabriel stop developing: 23 weeks.

Likelihood that I will develop this disease again: 60 percent.

How long pre-eclampsia can be managed, on average: 2 weeks until delivery
How long my pre-eclampsia was managed: 8 days.

Likelihood of the "average' woman have a child die before delivery or within 28 days of birth (excluding the risk of miscarriage): 1 in 200, or approximately .50%
Likelihood that another child of mine will die in pregnancy: 30 percent.

How much more likely is this for me: 60 times more likely (don't stand next to me in a lightening storm)

Want a better representation of this? Pick the 10 people you like in the world, choose which 3 you think should die. Allow for another one to suffer a lifetime of debilitating illness and physical pain.

How often does a woman die of pre-eclampsia: 18% of US Maternal deaths are attributed to pre-eclampsia.
It's the third highest cause of maternal death.
A woman will die every 6 minutes in the developing world.

When will I have to quit work: 20 weeks
Likelihood I will be in the hospital after 24 weeks until I deliver: Very good.
Point at which I will the perinatologist will be pleased and will want to deliver the baby: 28 weeks.
How early is that again: 12 weeks.

What can pre-eclampsia cause:

  • Maternal Death

  • Fetal Death

  • Kidney failure

  • Liver failure

  • Stroke

  • Brain Death

  • Eye Damage

  • Chronic Hypertension

What's the cure for pre-eclampsia: Delivery of the placenta.
What causes pre-eclampsia:
Nobody knows
What can be done to prevent pre-eclampsia: Nothing.
What can be done to manage pre-eclampsia: Nothing, really.

I hate this disease. I hate it. How can we have a cure for impotence, and tell women faced with a life threatening disease to go and have a lie down? How?