There are times that I think that friendship is really nothing more than an opportunity to take your neuroses and foist them off on someone else. Really, you can take the things you are paranoid about, and share them with your friends, and that way you won't be paranoid AND lonely. It's always better to be paranoid and neurotic in company.

Kuri, months ago, commented that she was afraid, after reading about it on the internet, that her hot water tank would get plugged up, over pressure itself and explode, bursting up through her basement and sailing through her roof. (No, the myth busters episode didn't help any.)

Guess what I worry about at 2 am, when I can't get to sleep? Guess who was in her basement looking at the hot water tank, realizing she didn't know what a pressure valve looks like?

A few days ago, I was telling my co-worker Mr. T, about Mr. Spit and I making puns for an hour the night before, about chicken at a restaurant. It's one of the ways we entertain ourselves, not the only one mind you, but one way. We like puns around our house. We like them a lot, and we really like the groaners.

He told me that people who are obsessive-compulsive are extraordinarily good at puns.

So, at 12 am last night I was trying to decide if I am extra-ordinarily good at puns, or merely just good. I'm trying to decide if I have any other symptoms of OCD, which is hard, because I know nothing about OCD. Which does not stop me from thinking I have it.

I know it has something to do with never being quite sure that you've turned the oven off, and I realize that I haven't worried about that in forever. Then I remember that my oven doesn't work, and I start wondering if it is possible that my broken (completely broken) oven would randomly turn on, and then start a fire. Also there is likely stuff stored in my oven that is not heat proof. (No, not wool, chocolate from San Francisco).

And I'm wondering, could I be OCD? Wouldn't I know by this time? Wouldn't someone tell me this? Mr. Spit has an entire degree in Psych, wouldn't he have mentioned that I should get some help?

So, that's what I did until 1 am last night.

The good folks at Mental Health Today have a lovely little quiz on OCD. I do not have "any clinically significant obsessions".

So, Mr. T, a special present just for you. I know they are your favourites.