In Which I Solicit Opinions

Dear Blog Readers:

I have decided to mine your brains for information, because my brain is decidedly empty. Completely empty. There is the sound of whistling between my ears. A good stiff breeze, well it will go right through me.

So, 2 things, both to do with food.

Thing the First - Bring on the Jello Salad.
Another blog got me started on this, but really, I miss Jello salad. We had it every holiday at my aunt's and I have to say, there's nothing to help my mother's soggy stuffing go down more than a bit of jello salad. My mother is coming with the soggy stuffing, so I need some salad. Any suggestions? (No carrots in the salad, I have some standards)

Thing the Second - Impressing people I probably don't need to worry about
I have people coming on Saturday night, and I am responsible for foo - well appetizers. I need food to feed about 10 adults who are not likely to be very adventurous. I will do our amazing spinach dip, but I also need some other things. Just to make life more exciting, you must remember, we have no oven. All things must not require an oven. Hummus and pita? Veggie tray? What for sweets?

Now, if you will excuse me, I'm going to stop typing and take myself out for french onion soup. Which, no I cannot make, because I have no oven.