Monday Miscellany

  • Saturday will be spaghetti sauce saturday, because I now have 5 kitchen garbage bags of ripe tomatoes. (Should you be interested, you can find my recipe here)
  • I'm making Shepherd's Pie to use up the last of the left over potatoes from Thanksgiving, but Mr. Spit and I are having one of our charming little spats discussions. I want to use up the left over green bean casserole, as the middle vegetable layer, and he thinks I should stick with corn. What do you think, oh wise internets?
  • I meant to tell you all, I made Julia's jello salad for thanksgiving, with the cottage cheese, and I think that jello salad is every good and perfect thing. I think I will have to make some more of your suggestions. (The rest of my family thinks that I have become a resident of Mullet-ville, but that's ok, more Jello salad for me!)
  • The food for the people I wanted to impress turned out quite well, the Spit Spinach Dip never fails to impress, Bluebird's idea of 2-bite brownies with strawberries wowed them, and so did Erin's tortilla roll ups! I have done my hostessing duties for a while, and they were impressed.
  • And also, on the food note - I tried Miss Vickies roasted garlic and honey potato chips, and I have to say, not so amazing.