Monday Miscellany

Mr. Spit went on a condiment cleaning binge. I'm pretty embarrassed by some of the stuff that was in my fridge. Quick, go take a look. Anyone have anything that expired in 2006 in their fridge?

10 litre's of spaghetti sauce in the pot, makes a lot to go into ziploc bags. It's pretty nummy. But. .. . I still have about 20 pounds of tomatoes left. Anyone have a good cooked salsa recipe? It has to be cooked so that I can have it.

I still haven't bought Hallowe'en candy - I just don't think we can be trusted to keep it in the house until Saturday without, umm, eating it . What are you getting this year?

Mr. Spit has diagnosed me with a new disorder. So new, he's created it. AD. . . OS (Attention Deficit. . . Oh, Shiny!)
Have a happy Monday.