Ne Pas de Grammar

I have a 3/4 written post on past participles. But. . .

I went to Costco tonight, and among other things I bought The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

I intensely enjoyed the Da Vinci code, Demon's and Angels and Digital Fortress (haven't read Deception Point). Yes, I enjoyed them. Reading Dan Brown to get any sort of idea about theology is like watching a James Bond movie to understand how MI5 works, but they are a great read.

But, that's not why there is no grammar post.

I went to Earl's for dinner after Costco. The hostess comes up.

Table for One, says I. (Insert look of utter horror on part of waitress. Unattractive, apparently unmatchable material has entered trendy restaurant)

She seats me in the very far back of the restaurant, so that I am almost in the Chef's lap, and no one can see me and feel uncool.

Waitress comes by. I look over my book. Page 2. She gives me a menu. I peruse for 1 minute. (I really am that quick at picking food. Mostly I order the same things over and over. I had the chicken taco's. They were not bad at all.)

Skinny little waitress in one of those high waisted skirts comes bouncing up (Self Disclosure: I tried on a high waisted skirt last month. I looked like a teal and grey stuffed potato).

"All by yourself tonight?" Says she. (No, I brought my imaginary friend Myrtle. She'll have 3 desserts.)

"What can I get you to drink?"

"I'll have an iced tea and the chicken taco's."

"Ok, that's just great". (Really?) "Is that a good book?"

"I don't know, I just started it."

"Are you enjoying it?"

"I don't know, I just started it."

My meal arrives. It's good. She brings another Iced Tea.

"Still reading?" She asks.

"Yep" (No, I'm looking at the text, waiting for the Lost Symbol to appear. I just about had it, and then you came along and interrupted.)

I finish my meal, and I'm waiting for the bill (still reading too).

"Would you like to see a dessert menu?"

"No thanks."

"Are you sure, they are really good?"

"No, just the bill".

And that dear readers is why I don't have a grammar post. It took me twice as long to eat my dinner because I kept having to talk to people. Also, Dan Brown is more interesting that past participles, and I had 4 phone calls to return when I finally came home.

Mr. Spit says she was hitting on me. I think she was perplexed at a person reading in a restaurant.

So, tell me Oh, Wise Internets. Do you like to eat alone and read a book? Or is that just my thing to do?