It Quietly Snuck Past Me

My 600th post was last 2 weeks ago Wednesday. I meant to do something to mark it, but, it snuck* past me.

So, 600 posts.

Really, I didn't do anything to mark this, because I have just spent 30 minutes trying to decide if snuck is a real word, and if it is the past participle* of sneak, and if sneak has a past participle, and if I actually want to be using a past participle in this sentence.

Yes folks, I really am that cool.

*Because at least one of you would want to know, the OED indicates that snuck is an informal use of sneak, and the correct wording is "sneaked". Here indicates that sneaked/snuck are both the simple past and the past participle* form of the verb sneak, and I suspect, given that I am implying that the post snuck past me at a specific time last week, and does not continue to sneak past me now (although the post might be) I want the simple past, and not the past particle.

*And if you are still with me, and still interested, sneak a comment in the comments section, and I'll do a Wednesday's are for Grammar all about past tenses.