Tired Today

So, I met Kuri for lunch yesterday, for the Tuesday meeting of the Knitting Philosopher's Club. And I'm sitting down (I had spent so much time talking to the server operating the cash register that my soup arrived at the table before I did).

Anyway, I sat down and Kuri looks at me and says "I have to ask my friend Mrs. Spit(1) for help on V-lookup tables"

And my first thought, honest to goodness, was "Huh. Kuri has another friend called Mrs. Spit? Huh. I didn't know that."

(that bridge up there? Some nice guy sold it to me while I was in SFO. $50 bucks. Good deal, huh?)

(1) Except that she used my real name. Most of my friends don't call me Mrs. Spit. I mean, they could and all, but they just don't.