You Load 16 Tons

As promised, the story and the picture of the front of the house, with almost everything done (we still need the new fence. And grass. Grass would be great).

Alright, for this to work at all, you will need to do this blog in stages.

16 tons

I have attached a YouTube link above. If you wouldn't mind, would you go and get that playing in another window. (If you are running a windows based system, right click on the link and chose the closest option to "load in a new window". Ok, off you go. I'll wait.) For verisimilitude, you can imagine Mr. Spit and I, covered in gravel dust, and singing this.

All right, so we have:

2 tons or so of concrete removed. There was the concrete we all saw weeks ago. Underneath that, there was another layer of concrete. And then there was a layer of asphalt (it was about this time our neighbour started joking he could see Jimmy Hoffa's nose!). It was like a bad infomercial. It just kept coming and coming. . .

Which took us down about 10-12 inches, and in some places as far as 24 inches below what we might reasonably call grade. Now, if you think about it rationally, bricks are about 3 inches thick, and what goes out, must come back in.

(If you haven't reach a chorus yet, just wait. . . )

One makes up that difference with dirt and gravel and sand.

Sing it with me.

You load 16 tons and what do you get?

Oh, about this.